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Home Upgrade Brisbane

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Our Benchmark

We at Adsett Carpentry & Construction work in the heart of Brisbane’s North and Inner City, guiding and supporting homeowners through the transformation of their homes from old to new, ensuring the greatest lifestyle and financial returns on investment so they can continue to prosper and thrive in the home they already love. With over 25 years’ experience in the building and construction industry, we have had plenty of time to build a name for ourselves and are grateful to all the families who put their trust in us and enabled us to continue to expand and grow. We let our results and testimonials do the talking.

Specialising in exquisite Home Upgrades, your indoor or outdoor Extension, Renovation or Raise & Build. Under may involve a kitchen, bathroom, ensuite, brand new entertaining area, desperately needed storage, rumpus room, carport, garage, retaining wall or more. A complete home upgrade can be designed and executed in stages with ease as our close-knit team are connoisseurs of the art of transformation.

Professionalism towards you and your neighbours, expert advice, specialist trades who execute exceptional workmanship, delivered efficiently, effectively and on time and on budget to your complete satisfaction is our benchmark. At the end of the day, this experience is about you, your family, what you want and what you need, so we have taken a leaf out of our own family book and applied it to everything we do… What matters to you, matters to us too.


    Don’t be left guessing what the final price of your home upgrade is going to be. Our detailed quotes are carefully designed to provide a fixed price that you can count on.


    There’s nothing worse than having someone in your home you can’t bear to be there. We are genuinely friendly people who are easy to get along with who value your time and expectations of us.


    We only mention it because not every builder is! It is easy to be drawn in by a too good to be true quote and a host of fluffy promises from a builder who is not qualified. Locate the licence or look somewhere else.